A note-taking app that keeps up with your brain and organizes your thoughts
Jelotti is a note-taking app that works entirely from keyboard. It gets out of your way while you let your thoughts fly.

Humans write to organize our thoughts...

Yet the tools haven’t changed much.

Typing in a word processor or text editor works great for final documents but these messy interfaces get in the way and disrupt our train of thought. Or they result in sprawling words with no structure.

Jelotti is a new kind of app. It works exclusively from keyboard. No more swinging the clunky mouse around. No more clicking through a million options desperately looking for that one checkbox. No more precise touch gestures. Just a few simple keyboard shortcuts and your thoughts are jumping out of your brain and onto the page.

This means Jelotti can actually keep up with your brain. Every thought finds its place. And because of the keyboard shortcuts, you can edit and move them around quickly too. With just a single “tap”, your text is bolded, your entry is moved, or your outline collapsed.

Everybody deserves a tool that works with them instead of against them. Jelotti is that tool for your notes. Think of it as a thought-taking app.

  • Perfect for Obsessive Planmakers
    • Plan out projects and add the details later.
    • Jelotti uses sublists to get out of your way so you can see the big pictures and drill down when needed.
  • Perfect for Writers
    • Outline and organize your next book, essay, or screenplay!
    • Jelotti lets you see the forest for the trees.
    • With sublists, you can control what stage you're at when crafting your work.
  • Perfect for Lawyers & Other Professionals
    • Track conversations and take notes at a human pace without being a stenographer.
    • Jelotti's sublists will let you fill circle back on details later instead of interrupting the train of thought.
  • Perfect for Students
    • Track your lectures as they're spoken.
    • You can use sublists to "branch off" when organizing complex thoughgts or to fill in details later.